The COVID-19 crisis has hit my primary industry - the entertainment industry - particularly hard. Hundreds of thousands of industry workers in front of and behind the camera are out of work and looking at an uncertain future. And that doesn't even include all the ancillary businesses whose livelihoods are tied to production.

The industry has meant a lot to me in my life. My grandfather was a classically-trained violinist who spent most of his career working in the industry, including as a studio musician into his 80s (or was it his 90s?). My childhood babysitter (kind of a nanny-equivalent at the time?) became a soap opera regular and went on to other aspects of entertainment. Numerous childhood friends went into jobs in front of and behind the camera. And that's not to mention the friends I've made as an adult, including in my 2 decades working in the industry.

I'm lucky to still be working full time. But others aren't so lucky. 

So, from now until production resumes to a somewhat normal rate - whenever that might be - I am donating all of my profits from purchases on this site to The Actors Fund's (and the AFC's for any purchases from Canada) emergency relief funds helping those affected by this crisis. This includes any monies currently in my sales account from recent past sales.

I have increased the pricing on my site to ensure those contributions are meaningful - with some products as much as 65% of the purchase price will be going to the fund. As an example, approximately $6 from purchases of an 8x10 or over $10 from an 11x14 print will go to the funds. With most of the higher-end prints, approximately 50% of the price will be donated. Or if you want a refrigerator magnet, approx, $5 will be donated.   Please note that this only applies to the sale of the photo - if you add custom framing or mounting, that is an additional service provided by the film lab I use and is wholly outside my control. 

If you have been considering buying any of my photos, now is a chance to do some good with your purchase. You can both add some art to your life and help a worthy cause. 

Please be aware that these are not tax-deductible donations. If you prefer to donate directly to the funds, or other charities, please do so. You can link directly to a few of them here:

The Actors Fund


SAG-AFTRA Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund

Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF)

The Actors Fund also has links to other relief funds and resources

For more on how this is impacting the entertainment industry, here is a partial list of articles and ongoing columns that I'll try to update periodicially:

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