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About me

The short version: I enjoy travel and photography and this website is a way to share those interests with others.

The long version:

I got my first camera when I was still a single digit age (and may even still have some of those photos somewhere). I got my first film SLR – a Ricoh (now Pentax) – when I was in high school, many long years ago. I took a photography class then and even developed my own photos.

Back in the film days I spent a fortune developing rolls of film – I would take the same photo, playing around with the manual settings in my camera, shooting from different angles, to find a shot I liked. I still have undeveloped rolls of film lying around here because I shot more than I could afford to develop.

I got my first DSLR about 10 years ago – a Pentax K-x. I picked Pentax at the time (and have stuck with it – I’m currently using a Pentax K-70) because you really get more bang for your buck with their cameras. The downside is that the lens options are more limited. For my general needs, however, they serve me fine.

I still like to shoot the same way I used to in the film days – I’ll take a ton of shots that experiment with aperture and focal lengths, and shooting angles. (At least shooting digitally allows me to take as many shots as I can fit on my SD cards, which have become increasingly less expensive).

When I first started shooting with a DSLR, I had it in my backpack whenever I would travel. But, as the cameras in our phones improved, I found myself taking more and more photos with my phone rather than the camera. It was just much easier to grab the phone in my pocket rather than the heavy camera in my backpack

A couple years ago, I rediscovered my interested in photography and started taking photography workshops when I travel. In the last couple years, I have done a night photography workshop in London, landscape workshops in Iceland and Yosemite, and a photography tour around Paris. I learned that I really like shooting light trails (although it’s not the best thing to do alone) and that I just don’t have the patience to do traditional landscape photography. I am still trying to find my style so, for now, I am enjoying trying out different things.

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